A sound strategy relies on understanding your customers. At Prime Advertising, we have the tools to help you understand your target audience – who are they, what are their life stages, what do they think, what do they aspire to be in their new homeland, what media do they consume etc. In addition, we also conduct competitive intelligence to provide strategic insights for our clients. The combined knowledge has been proven to help our clients develop the right product offering that meets customers’ needs at the right time. 

Our account servicing team is dedicated to providing an industry-leading client management service level. Working closely with you and the different internal teams at Prime Advertising, we ensure that you receive the most attentive service and the best qualify work from us, on time and on budget.             

Our close relationship with ethnic media suppliers enables us to pitch your PR story and secure coverage in a timely manner. Depending on your target segments and PR objectives, we provide traditional public relations services including press releases, radio and TV interviews and press conference, as well as digital public relations tactics such as community management on social media and forums.            

When serving multicultural customers, in-language sales brochures, collateral and other promotional materials are essential for your frontline representatives. Whether it is traditional or simplified Chinese, Punjabi, Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese etc., Prime Advertising can provide professional translation services to meet your needs.            

We are in a digital world. Our dedicated digital and social media team is here to help you engage your customers in a fun, interactive and measureable way. Purple Plus, the digital arm of Prime Advertising, is established to respond to the increasing importance of digital marketing. PurplePlus is a certificated partner of Google and our team is equipped to develop campaigns that include display IAB in different formats and search engine marketing (SEO and paid search).
Social engagement not only helps generate more loyal customers, but it also provides valuable insights about your customers. Purple Plus is here to help you set your social media objectives, develop content strategy, community manage your posts and monitor results across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Weibo, WeChat, Twitter, and instagram etc. In addition, we also provideservices in website development, web content creation, and website hosting.

The best way to build relationship with multicultural customers is to engage with their communities. Our event management subsidiary, Purple integration, hosts multiple high-traffic multicultural events throughout the year including the Chinese New Year Festival and DiwaliFest, just to name a few. Based on your event objectives, we provide recommendations on which events will maximize value creation for you. We also offer turnkey event activation to help deliver the best brand experience and drive customer engagement.            

Reaching your target customers with the right media at the right time is the mandate of our media team. Our media strategy is based on thorough understanding of your product offering, and research insights on media consumption habits of the multicultural segments. In addition, we have established long-running relationship with ethnic media suppliers, enabling us to provide the best available media rates to all of our clients. The result is a cost-effective media plan that maximizes reach, impact and ROI.           

We are an award-winning agency that develops creative which resonates with your customers and achieves high-performing results. Prime Advertising has an exceptionally strong creative and production team with extensive global and Canadian experience. From branding and design to creative and production for print, TV, radio, out-of-home, brochures and collateral, it is always our mission to develop concepts that resonate well with the multicultural demographics and create an emotional appeal, to deliver executions that drive action and achieve your business objectives. Our office is also equipped with a state-of-art studio for voice-over recording and video editing. You can rest assured that we deliver commercials of the highest quality while you benefit from the cost-advantages of our vertical integration.           

A culturally relevant marketing strategy is required in order to truly connect with multicultural customers. As Canada becomes increasingly diverse due to an influx of immigrants from around the world, it has become imperative to develop a targeted strategy to reach this diverse customer base. In specific cases, a customized strategy may be required to reach different ethnic segments. Prime Advertising is the partner that you need to ensure your product or service strategy is relevant to these diverse segments, and that your marketing communications strategy leverages the right cultural nuances. In other words, we strive to deliver strategy that creates a meaningful connection with multicultural customers – one that will further drive positive business results.