About Us


Prime Advertising is a leading multicultural advertising agency in Canada.

Founded in 1987, Prime Advertising has provided its clients with insightful marketing strategy that drives result-oriented and cost-effective advertising campaigns. We serve a wide range of industries including automotive, consumer packaged goods, financial, healthcare, real estate, retail and non-profit. An ever-changing multicultural marketplace demands new ways of doing business.

Multicultural marketing has evolved from translation to adaptation and from transcreation to nowadays, a multicultural-specific strategy. At Prime Advertising, we stay on top of these market trends and therefore, our clients benefit from our strategic insights. Our in-depth expertise expands across multiple growing ethnic segments including Chinese, South Asian, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian and Portuguese etc. With offices in both Toronto and Vancouver, we have the ability to serve our clients’ national marketing and advertising needs. Our biggest asset is our professional team that is dedicated to serving and meeting our clients’ every need. This focus on excellence and results helps our clients exceed their strategic marketing goals, raise their brand awareness and reputation to the next level.